Whatever the residential plumbing repair you need – be it a drip, leak, flooding, or blocked pipe or drain – call MEGA Plumbing in Auckland. We can repair or prevent all household plumbing problems, including:

• Dripping taps
• Leaky pipes
• Toilets overflowing or not flushing
• Hot water supply issues
• Blocked pipes.
• Plumbing inspections and preventative maintenance.

If you have any of these plumbing problems in your home or managed property, MEGA Plumbing will fix it for you quickly and cleanly, anywhere in the wider Auckland region. We also do preventative maintenance and plumbing inspections for private homes and rental properties.


A dripping tap is not only an irritation – it’s a waste of your money. Fixing a dripping tap is usually easy, as most of these problems are caused by worn washers. Many home owners do this themselves. Repairing a drip is harder if it’s on a mixer tap with one lever rather than an ordinary tap. These taps use cartridges and replacing them requires a professional plumber.


Leaky pipes can do significant water damage to your home and contents. These kind of leaks are usually easy to spot and require urgent repair. It gets more difficult if the leak is where you cannot see it. Sometimes you might notice high water usage or hear your water meter ticking when you know all taps in the house are closed. When this happens, please call MEGA Plumbing as soon as possible. We’ll use a leak detector to identify the problem and sort it out for you in next to no time.


When a toilet overflows, it’s usually caused by a blocked outflow pipe or a blocked drain further down. Sometimes a rubber cap plunger will unblock the toilet and you can do this yourself. If the cistern overflows or the toilet doesn’t flush, there could be any of a number of problems, such as valves not closing or the mechanism not working. If you encounter any problem with your toilet that you cannot easily fix yourself, call MEGA Plumbing and we’ll sort you out – anything from fixing a leak to replacing the entire toilet and cistern.


If your hot water isn’t hot, it’s usually an electrical rather than a plumbing problem. However, if you’ve had the electrician out and the problem is still not sorted, give us a call. The problem could be in the setting of water mixers, for instance in the shower, or it could be an issue with water pressure or with the pressure control valves. Or, worst case, a leaking hot water cylinder. We’ll check it out for you.


You can often clear a blocked pipe yourself with a rubber plunger. If this doesn’t work, call MEGA Plumbing to come clear up the problem. It doesn’t matter if the blockage is in the drain pipe or further down the drains or storm water system, we’re equipped to fix it.


Whenever MEGA Plumbing comes to your house to do plumbing repairs, we recommend that you also let us check the rest of your plumbing. Or we can come do plumbing inspections especially. If there is a threatening problem, we can do preventative maintenance before anything bad happens. That way, you can save yourself significant inconvenience and cost in future.

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